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These regulations apply to K42 Mallorca and K21 Mallorca

1. Organisers.

K42 Mallorca is organised by Projectes i Execucions Balears S.L. in collaboration with various institutions and sponsors. The race forms part of the K42 Adventure Marathon Series circuit.

2. Event.

The route of this mountain race runs for the most part through the Finca Pública d’es Galatzó in the northeast of the island of Mallorca, starting and finishing in Paguera. The event takes place on the dates indicated in the event agenda available on this web page.

3. Conditions of entry.

Entry is open to all runners who have formally registered. Participants must be at least 18-years old on the date of the race and must have an adequate level of fitness to take part in this kind of physical challenge.

4. Route.

4.1. Starting at the Finca Pública d’es Galatzó, the route travels along mountain trails and forest tracks and arrives at the Playa de Can Tora in Paguera where the finish line will be.

4.2. The route is as published on the official event web page: Any changes or amendments will be made public in the same way.

4.3. The route will be properly signposted throughout.

5. Refreshments.

The organisers will provide at least five refreshment stops plus finish line refreshments for the K42 and at least three refreshment stops plus finish line refreshments for the K21, distributed along the route at approximately 10km intervals. Food and drinks will be available for participants at these stops.

6. Obligatory kit.

A cup, flask or camelback are obligatory kit for the K42 and K21, as well a thermal blanket. Cups won’t be available at the refreshment stops. In the event of adverse weather conditions, use of a windbreaker and mobile phone may also be obligatory.

6.1. The following kit is strongly recommended, but not obligatory, for participants in the K42 race:

  • Bottle belt or camelback backpack.
  • Mobile phone with the phone number given at registration.
  • The organisers may update this kit list before the start of the race.

6.2. Recommended supplementary kit:

  • Windbreaker jacket, which may be obligatory in bad weather.
  • Hat or Buff.
  • The use of running poles is permitted.

7. Categories and prizes.

7.1. The categories are as follows:


7.2. Trophies will be given to the first three in each category. It is imperative to be at the awards ceremony to collect the prize.

7.3. The race forms part of the K42 Spain circuit, along with K42 Canary Islands.

8. Classification.

There will be an independent classification system for each race.

9. Event judges.

The judges of the event are responsible for resolving any claims that may arise during the competition, as well as any other issues not covered by these regulations. The event judges consist of the director of the race, an organisation manager and the timekeeping director. Any claim will need to be presented to the organisers in writing at least half an hour before the awards ceremony.

10. Checkpoints.

In order to qualify, participants must complete the entire route and pass through all the checkpoints established by the organisers. It is the responsibility of each runner to follow the route marked. Failure to do so will result in penalty or disqualification. During the race, participants must follow the instructions of the checkpoint staff at all times.

11. Bibs.

Bibs will be collected on the day before the race at the place and time indicated by the organisers and on presentation of official identification documents. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO COLLECT BIBS ON THE DAY OF THE RACE. Participants must wear the bib provided by the organisers at all times and it must be visible AT THE FRONT, to facilitate the job of the checkpoint staff. Bibs must not be trimmed, folded or altered. Telephone numbers for the Organisation Centre and the event Emergency services are printed on the bibs.

12.Time limits.

The maximum time to complete the K42 is 8.5 hours. Cut-off times have been established as follows.

There are no cut-off times for the K21.

Race time and cut-off time

  • Coma d’en Vidal before ascending Esclop 12:50
  • Cruce Sa Coma d’en Vidal after descending Esclop: 13:35
  • Cruce de Ses Planes before ascending: 14:15
  • Cruce de Ses Planes after descending: 15:30

These time limits are calculated so that runners are able to complete the race within the maximum time set. Runners who exceed these limits won’t be allowed to continue in the race.

13. Timekeeping.

The event will be monitored electronically. The organisers will use the monitors to ensure that all runners complete the route and to record checkpoint times. It is not necessary to return the chip at the finish line at the end of the race.

14. Dropping out.

If a runner drops out of the race, he or she MUST notify the Organisers at the closest checkpoint available or call the Organisation Centre using the telephone number printed on the bibs. The competitor assumes all responsibility for having dropped out of the race voluntarily, or for being disqualified. The competitor must return to the finish line by their own means, which is why it is recommended to take a mobile phone in order to call family or friends.

15. It is strictly forbidden to receive external help or refreshments during the event, except for those provided at the refreshment points arranged by the organisers. It is also prohibited to be accompanied by anyone who is not a registered participant in the event.

16. Environment.

Participants must respect the environment in which the event takes place and keep it scrupulously clean. For this reason all food and drink packaging and containers MUST BE PLACED IN THE BINS provided. Failure to comply with this point will result in instant disqualification. For the same reason the organisers do not provide cups at the refreshment points. Participants must use their own cup, flask or hydration pack. Runners using Walking Sticks can only do so with rubber tips.

17. Security.

The event organisers guarantee the safety of the participants by deploying the necessary measures and staff. This includes the presence of official, marked vehicles, both the organisers’ and security vehicles. Medical staff and ambulances will be available at strategic points along the route in order to be able to intervene as necessary.

There will be staff at the checkpoints to ensure the safety of the runners. The checkpoint staff have the authority to give participants instructions at any time, in the event of danger, a change in the route, an accident or in the event of a participant dropping out.

18. The event.

In the event of bad weather conditions, for security reasons or for other cause of force majeure, the event may be interrupted, the route may be altered or the time limits may be changed. If the event is brought to a halt, it will be classified according to the order and arrival times at that moment or, if that’s not possible, at the last completed checkpoint.

19. Responsibilities.

Participants take part at their own risk. It is their decision to start and complete the race. It is the responsibility of each participant to be physically prepared to take part in the event. Medical staff will have the authority to remove bibs from any runners whose health they consider to be at risk. Participants indemnify the organisers from any claims or lawsuits based on alleged actions or non-actions of participants or others acting on their behalf. As well as from claims arising from any damages that maybe caused to them or their kit. Participants must sign the required documents that state this section of the regulations more clearly.

20. Accident Insurance.

By registering for the event, all runners are insured and are covered for any accident or incident that may occur during the event. It is not necessary to be affiliated in order to participate in the event.

21. Image rights.

The organisers reserve the exclusive rights to any images, photographs, videos or event information in which the participants may appear, as well as the right to use that material for advertising, public relations or for any other journalistic or promotional purpose. Any media or advertising project about the event must have the prior consent of the organisers.

22. Amendments.

These regulations may be amended, extended or improved at any time by the organisers. By registering for the event participants agree to comply with these regulations.

23.- Cancellation policy

Registration of participants.

A place is reserved on registration for the event.

Changes of name are not accepted. It is not permitted to run with someone else’s bib and cancellations are only accepted if written notice is given 23 days before the event and in accordance with the organisers’ refund policy, which does not include package bookings (reservation + official hotel) for which neither cancellations nor refunds are permitted.

  • refund of 75% of the registration fee up to 3 months before the event
  • refund of 50% of the registration fee up to 2 months before the event
  • refund of 25% of the registration fee up to 1 month before the event

Cancellations are not permitted from the 20th February

Any changes to categories selected must be made at least a month before the event. After this date no changes can be made and will be subject to availability. In no circumstance will cancelling a place give the person cancelling the right to nominate a substitute.

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